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Real Estate Agent Support provides the best support, tips, information and downloads for Real Estate Agents that will help build their business and increase productivity.

Real Estate Agent Support and Tips - Real Estate Agent Support provides the best support, tips, information and downloads for Real Estate Agents that will help build their business and increase productivity.

TEXAS REAL ESTATE: Building a Real Estate Team, Maximizing Efficiency and Gaining Freedom

In this episode of Realty Ruckus, Richard Smith (Katy Texas Mortgage Banker) dropped by and discussed ways to maximize your efficiency and build the most powerful form of your business. He also talked about his mortgage lending business, his Virtual Assistants and many other efficiency topics.

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Top 10 Time Management Tricks for Realtors

Top Ten Time Management Tricks for Realtors

One of the top struggles for real estate agents is effective management of their time. This misuse of time is tragic because not only does one typically not achieve their financial and professional goals but they usually feel stressed as they don’t know how to turn things around and therefore it also affects their level of fulfillment and overall enjoyment of life.

In this week’s tip, we have listed the Top 10 Management Tricks for Realtors:

1. Turn off the e mail: check three times per day at the most.

2. Use call back times, don’t answer your phone every time.

3. Do a pipe line review once per week (twice when it is hairy)

4. Time Block everything in Act/outlook and print your calendar every day.

5. Tuesday update calls to your clients, the other agent and title company when needed.

6. Thursday TBD calls to all persons involved in your transactions.

7. Double the time, tell your client it is twice as long as you were quoted.

8. Move you start time up 30-60 minutes for a while.

9. Call back order: New leads first, referral sources second, current deals third, co-workers fourth, friends and family when you go home.

10. Learn to say “NO” Nobody wants a yes man who cannot deliver; we must manage our clients expectations as a time management and stress management technique.

Now is a great time to point out there is no one who is perfect at time management. We all have room for improvement so it isn’t about winning or failing it is about taking an honest assessment of where you currently are and taking action steps in the right direction.

REMEMBER: Don’t try to implement all the Top 10 Management Tricks for Realtors at once or you will defeat the purpose. Take 1 or 2 that really resonate with where you currently are. Be diligent with this process and within 3-6 months you will be amazed at how much you get done in a day and how fulfilled and at peace you feel.

P.S. Today is Saturday and I just wanted to let you know that if you have a client that you want to close still on October 15th I can make that happen for you! I can do a loan application over the phone this weekend at (832) 887-1300 or they can APPLY HERE.

Door Knocking For Lead Generation For Realtors

Door Knocking For Lead Generation For Realtors

Door knocking can be one of the greatest active prospecting Door Knocking Strategies out there. If done correctly, you can receive a lot of leads in a fairly short period of time, while getting some valuable exercise while you’re at it! Read on to see some scripts I recommend for getting great results from door knocking.

It used to be that door knocking was a giant waste of time. But in a Sellers’ market where there are few listings available, whoever holds the listings is guaranteed to earn income.   Seriously! Working with buyers in a hot Sellers’ market can be very frustrating when you are dealing with multiple offers each time you find a great house to buy.

I have seen agents lose out on multiple offer situations recently.   As many as 5, 6 and even 9 times! Can you imagine searching for home after home, only to lose out to a higher bidder each time? It’s enough to drive you crazy.

The very real answer to this problem is become a serious securer of new listings. Cold calling has really declined over the last 4 years as mobile phones have become the only phone needed. Families are ditching their land line for personal cell phones and it’s rare that anyone who is Generation Y will answer the phone anyway!

Here are some tips that can help you with your door knocking strategy:

1. Door Knock For At Least 1 Hour Each Time Out. Knock on at least 25 doors at a time. Typically you can knock on about 20-30 doors per hour so this should be a minimum you set for yourself.

2. Book Appointments for a Later Time. If you find someone who is interested in a home evaluation right that second, book the appointment for another time later that week. You need to get through as many doors at a time to maximize your lead generation. By stopping and accepting an invitation into the home to take a look on the spot, will slow you down way too much. Book a later time to come back and discuss the potential client’s needs. This will give you time to gather information over the phone by using a Pre List phone call. You will be more prepared and will optimize your time together.

3. Don’t Get Discouraged. Typical results are 1 appointment for every 50 doors knocked. If you can commit to knocking on 100 doors per week you should be generating at least 2 appointments per week. With those kinds of results you will have many listings to sell in no time!

Here are some good / better / best door knocking scripts you can try! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!


Market Your Listings & Open Houses With Email

Email newsletters for listings and open houses can be an effective way of making a direct connection with interested buyers. Here are effective ways to create email newsletters to intrigue buyers.


Captivate with your subject line.

Emails with descriptive subject lines (“Now on the market: 5-bedroom homes in Springfield”) are much more intriguing than branded ones (“John Doe’s Weekly Real Estate Listings”). To increase clicks and engagement with your newsletters, use your subject line to advertise what’s at the heart of the listings in the email.

Call to Action!

A call to action (CTA) can change all that by encouraging your lead to directly reach out to you — whether that’s for more information, a consultation, or to answer any questions. The trick here is showing your lead you care and that you’re willing to help them in any way possible during their search. Try something like, “I’m hoping one of these will be your dream home. If you see something you like, email me and let me know!” or, “Haven’t found what you like? Reply to this email and let’s start your home journey!”

Marketing Open Houses

When marketing open houses, you should go above and beyond. First and foremost, you’re asking folks to take time out of their schedule to come to a property, so your marketing should convey why this house is worthy of a special viewing. Use the open house newsletter tips below to maximize the power of your email list and get the most appropriate foot traffic come open house day.

Inspire with presentation.

Statistics show that 90% transmitted to the brain is visual, so your open house newsletter marketing should be a compelling mix of images and copy, with an emphasis on the visuals.

Be clear.

Your subject line here should clearly outline that you’re having an open house, and should list the basic specs of the home and the day and time of the event.

Seal the deal with storytelling.

In your newsletter and on your landing page or feature post, use effective storytelling to draw your reader in. This doesn’t have to be super theatrical, but it does need to convey what makes this property worth the open house. Features and specs are great, but they aren’t alone going to get folks through the door.

Grow your newsletter list at the event.

Many folks have a sign-in sheet at their open houses to keep track of who attended. Include a field for email and a box they can check to sign up for your newsletter if they haven’t already. Don’t forget to follow up with folks after the open house and add new contacts to your newsletter mailing lists.

Make sure your email template is responsive for mobile.

Make sure your email template renders appropriately so your click-through rate and engagement stays high. Companies like Litmus help you test how your email will look for virtually all mail clients your leads might be using.

What other email marketing tips do you use for your listings or open house newsletters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


How To Add Virtual Tours in HAR


Now that just about everyone is traveling full speed down the information highway, any digital enhancements to a listing is a big plus. It is a fact that homes with Virtual Tours get substantially higher web hits and generate more out of the area buyers interest than homes without Virtual Tours. Buyers want to see the yards and interior shots of properties before they invest their time in personally visiting the home.

In this weekly tip, we share how you can add your listing virtual tour in your HAR Listing! Please click the link below for the step by step instructions on How to Add Virtual Tours in HAR.


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You know how most of your internet leads only come with an email address, right? More agents are leveraging texting in their business from responding to internet leads with a text, to following up with past clients, and for good reason. Texting has an average “open rate” of almost 100%. Think about it, how many texts are currently unopened on your phone right now?

Watch this video to know more about this is exceptional strategy on turning that email into a text message for consumers that have an iPhone or iPad!

COMMENT BELOW for your QUESTIONS and THOUGHTS FOR CHANCE TO WIN $25 Starbucks GIFT CARD! What other text strategies do you do?